Addressing gaps in services through homeless outreach


After her brother became homeless in the 2010 recession, Dignity Station’s founder became frustrated at the stigma associated with homelessness and the lack of services available.  This experience taught her two things:      cropped-old-clock.jpg

1. Homelessness can happen to anyone
2. There is a community disconnect from the homeless population.

She served as the program director for a homeless shelter in her community and discovered her calling to help those in need.  It became obvious that those who did not have access to an emergency shelter were not receiving any practical support services.  She also felt the need to address the stigma associated with homelessness on a community level.  She went back to school, and developed partnerships in the community that supported her mission to provide services to the homeless through outreach programs.  Dignity Station was founded July 2, 2015.  Their Community Art Studios began in September 2015, and the nationwide eCommerce website launched in October of the same year.  These outreach programs open the door to case management and agency referrals, which ultimately lead to housing solutions.

Dignity Station is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  The corporate office is located in Barstow, California, where art programs are currently serving the community.  The platform will expand through several communities across the nation.

Compassion and education play vital roles in restoring dignity to those we work with, and encompasses our investment in those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  We invite all social agencies and community residents to partner with us as we embark on a collaborative journey to remove the stigma of homelessness in our community, nation, and the world.


Investing in people by reducing barriers to independence through innovation, compassion, and dignity.


Fill gaps in services through outreach, information & referral, and through subsidies that support individuals and families struggling with homelessness.  Bring the community together to create powerful partnerships to address the needs of our friends and neighbors.